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Case studies

In this way, we enable clients to stay ahead of evolving technology, competition, market opportunities and customer behavior. Just any solution provider, however, would not do. While the life cover was not required in this instance, if Mary and John had deferred taking out life insurance they would have found that after her breast cancer Mary was no longer insurable.

Due to the savings Insurance case studies had accumulated Terry could have taken out a 90 day waiting period which would have reduced his premium. By digitally originating new home, life, auto, and health insurance policies and pension plans, eGuides and eSignatures shorten the application process, greatly reduce costly clerical errors, and provide a verifiable, legally-binding contract that cannot be altered without detection.

These Analytics processes were very time consuming some running for as long as 22 hours, making Data analysis challenging. These models were being housed on inefficient network storage and required a Insurance case studies robust infrastructure.

What insurances could Mary and John have taken out. Automated documentation not only greatly reduces the cost to input, store, and retrieve policy information, it also supports the high levels of security and confidentiality required under consumer protection laws.

Romero Private Clients reviewed all his insurance covers and made savings on the Travel and Motor covers. In addition, Sunday has expanded its business during the same period.

Case 1 - Hackers steal personal data about customers - and potential customers Organization A group of large insurance and financial services companies.

Life Insurance SaaS Client Case Studies

While Travis and Jean are paying for the policies they will need to ensure that they are be named the beneficiaries of the policy so they can determine how the proceeds of the policy will be spent in the event of the death of their children.

As a result, many insurers may be misallocating their limited resources to address compliance-oriented, easily recognized threats while completely overlooking stealthy long-term threats that ultimately could be far more damaging.

Attackers and motivation Cyber-criminals were after payment card information to sell on the black market and commit fraudulent transactions.

This is one continuous process, which eliminates the need for any other software application. We have not only embedded a new safety management system but have conducted training and store audits across over stores in the first 12 months.

Benefits This organization can now run multiple analytics processes in less time, spending more time on analysis. Insurance quotes need to be calculated in milliseconds, and at any one time the infrastructure could be calculating the premium for one policy or for millions.

Attackers and motivation Cyber-criminals were after online banking information to perpetrate fraud for financial gain. Resolution Destiny was brought to review the mainframe infrastructure and logic. Seeking a way to present increasingly streamlined and results-oriented offerings to distributors and end clients, in addition to creating internal efficiencies, the division partnered with Andesa Services to develop an automation toolset to support pre-issue enrollment sales activity, new business submission processing and post-issue policy administration activities.

Just when Jane and the children need the support of their friends and neighbours the most they have to give up the family home, move far away from their support networks and start a substantially different life than before.

In some cases, insurers also possess significant amounts of customer credit card and payment data. Midwest Property and Casualty Insurer Mobilizing the Workforce Our client is a mid-sized property and casualty insurer based in the Midwest, serving personal, commercial, and specialty markets.

Because he is not found by passer-bys until too late Terry dies on the way to hospital. Once the evaluation of the system was made, a new MPP solution was designed for the Analytics workload.

Being a major main contractor, the client had several outstanding claims which were having negative impact on their premium spend. This could be used to pay medical expenses, home modifications and even to purchase a house of his own.

Looking for a quotation. Even with private health insurance there are medical bills to be paid particularly for physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions.

Objective This Organization was dependent on sophisticated Analytics ETL and model processing; this was being executed on large servers and storage with processing times in excess of 10 hours. Case 2 - Even small breaches can have a meaningful impact and require corrective action Organization A very large investment and insurance company.

With this in mind, the CEO asked his team for an impartial assessment of the underwriting operations and how it compared to competitors. Importantly this could give Mary the ability to take discretionary time off work after receiving the all clear eg leave without pay to ensure that her recovery was complete which may not have been possible if the couple were under financial stress.

We undertook a full review of their Insurance Programme and identified several areas for concern including gross under insurance. Similar amounts of TPD insurance could have been taken out in the event of total and permanent disablement.

Resolutions We built an intelligent software application, which operates in a client server environment between Windows NT server and MVS that automatically determines the reporting periods.

Resolution Destiny Corporation identified the areas of the Analytics processing that were documenting having long processing times. By taking out these covers when their children are young and healthy they are putting in place valuable cover which their children can assume responsibility for when their finances allow.

Travel Insurance Case Studies. Case Study 1 Authorised & Regulated By the Financial Conduct Authority No. 1Stop Insurance Consultants Ltd Company Registered in England No 1 Stop Insurance Consultants Ltd SBC House Restmor Way Wallington, Surrey SM6 7AH.

Joe is the Vice President of Sales at Saama Technologies, responsible for Saama’s commercial development in the Life Sciences industry. He drives overall sales and customer success, building the infrastructure, growing the team and enchaining Saama’s position in the industry.

Rainyday Insurance Company a Case Study Words | 5 Pages.

Insurance Case Studies

RAINYDAY INSURANCE COMPANY A CASE STUDY Based in South Florida, Rainyday Insurance Adjusters is a medium-sized company with employees and seven managers.

A leading insurance company’s proposal team gained back time through Mimeo’s platform.

Global Cyber Executive Briefing

Their team did an ROI analysis, and the increase in wins spoke for itself. Get the Case Study! Company Background This Large Canadian Insurance Organization provides a wide range of travel, life, health, home, auto, wealth and reinsurance products and solutions, as well as creditor and business insurance services, to individual, business, and group clients.

Taking good care of customers means connecting with them in a way that suits the demands of their lifestyle and social media has emerged as a wonderfully successful platform for companies to do.

Insurance case studies
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